Festival of Native Arts


Alaska Native arts

beaded booties and gloves

Join in the annual celebration at the Davis Concert Hall, just up the hill from the Inn. starting tomorrow, Thursday, February 28, through Sunday, March 2, 2019. Watch one of the many groups of attendees as they participate in traditional cultural events. Take advantage of the great selection of authentic arts and crafts in the great hall. Hours are from 6 pm to 11pm daily.

Dancing Lights

Ice park lightsEnjoy a drive through the ice park.  “Dancing Lights” has been extended until the end of January, from 5-9.  No need to get out into the now normal cold –tune your radio and watch the lights dance while you view the displays.  Now playing–at the George Horner Ice park, west end of Phillips Field Road.

Go Winter! Expo

jump start

cable cord

This weekend–even if it doesn’t at all look like winter–visit the Carlson Center Saturday and Sunday to inform yourself about all things winter.  If snow machines aren’t your style, you will find vendors who will educate you on the latest and greatest heating systems, or activities to occupy those dark winter days ahead.  As advertised, this is a great place to get a “jump start” on winter!  Hours are 10-6 on Saturday and 11-5 on Sunday.


Christmas in Ice

Ice sculpture

Ice art

Throughout December you can make the easy drive south (yes!) to North Pole, Alaska (101 Saint Nicholas Drive to be exact) and view the ice sculpture, ride down the long ice slide, and get a taste of true northern art form:  small and large ice blocks carved into beautiful creations.  The park is open daily, 11 am to 10 pm.